Trump's 2018 Requested Spending Increases

Federal Government -- May 23, 2017

Overall, President Trump's 2018 budget request would decrease the total size of the federal government, but it contains specific spending increases for defense, border security, and public safety. These relative increases help to highlight President Trump's policy priorities by detailing which areas of government he believes should get spending increases instead of spending cuts.

Specifically, the "President’s Budget includes $639 billion of discretionary budget authority for the Department of Defense (DOD), a $52 billion increase above the 2017 annualized continuing resolution (CR) level, fully offset by targeted reductions elsewhere." The request also allocates funds to build a wall along the border with Mexico, improve immigration law enforcement, combat violent crime, fight the drug trade, and improve cybersecurity. The request only addresses Trump's infrastructure plans vaguely and claims that they "will provide more budgetary, tax, and legislative details in the coming months" for those plans. The budget request also specifically includes paid parental leave which would be built off of each states' unemployment insurance programs.

Office of Management and Budget - Budget

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