Executive order on Buy American and Hire American

Economic Policy -- April 18, 2017

This executive order is intended to help the US economy both by ensuring that the federal government buys goods made in the US and by protecting US workers.

The “Buy American” provisions of the Executive Order “maximize” the federal government’s adherence to laws requiring the “use of goods, products, and materials produced in the United States” while also minimizing the use of waivers for such laws. The order also sets timelines for agencies to assess these processes and to develop new policies for them.

The “Hire American” provisions of the order are intended to “rigorously enforce and administer” laws related to foreign workers, and the order specifically emphasizes reviewing and reforming the H-1B visa program. This order will not make immediate changes, but instead directs multiple agencies within the federal government to review the visa process in order to propose new rules and guidance. The stated purpose of this review is “to protect the interests of United States workers”. To this end, the order specifically mentions preventing “fraud or abuse” in the immigration system, and the order also asserts the more specific goal of awarding H-1B visas preferentially to “the most-skilled or highest paid” applicants.

Executive Order - Buy American and Hire American

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