Executive order on enforcement of immigration laws, including withholding federal grant money from sanctuary cities

Immigration -- January 25, 2017

The executive order pertains to the actions and resources of Immigrations and Customs Enforcement (ICE), the branch of the U.S. government that enforces immigration laws. According to the text of the order, it reinstates the Secure Communities Program, which ICE uses to target undocumented immigrants, directs the State Department to withhold visas or take other measures to ensure countries take back the undocumented immigrants the U.S. sends back, and also strips federal grant money from sanctuary cities that harbor undocumented immigrants. Specifically, the order directs the secretary of homeland security to:

* Prioritize certain undocumented immigrants for removal, including those with criminal convictions and those who have only been charged with a crime

* Hire 10,000 additional immigration officers at U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement, subject to the availability of existing funding,

* Prohibit federal funding, with the help of the attorney general, to “sanctuary” jurisdictions, where local officials have declined to help enforce federal immigration laws

* Reinstate the Secure Communities program, which was terminated in 2014 and enables state and local law enforcement to effectively act as immigration agents

* Sanction countries, with the help of the secretary of state, that refuse to accept the return of undocumented immigrants deported from the U.S.

* Create a list, updated weekly, of crimes committed by undocumented immigrants in sanctuary jurisdictions

* Create an “Office for Victims of Crimes Committed by Removable Aliens” to “provide proactive, timely, adequate and professional services to victims of crimes committed by removable aliens and family members of such victims”

(Source: CBS News, Politico)

Executive Order - Enhancing Public Safety in the Interior of the United States

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